9 Singers Who Lost Their S*** and Walked Off Stage During a Concert

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ICYMI, Justin Bieber‘s “comeback tour” of 2015 isn’t going too well for the 21-year-old Canadian. When he’s not too busy throwing shade at One Direction, he also spends his time dissing his own fans and even making literal mic drops during live performances, as in the case of a Thursday evening Norway television appearance. What the eff, JB?

Oddly enough, the “What Do You Mean” singer isn’t the only musician to have a total diva meltdown on stage. Actually, he’s joined by eight others who similarly Lost. All. Chill. We hate it say it butttt…. they had ONE job!

1. Justin Bieber — In 2013 Justin Bieber threw up the deuces after a fan chucked a water bottle at him during a concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Back then we gave him the benefit of the doubt because that was a bit uncalled for; yet, this time around we’re finding it a little difficult to simply forgive and forget. After being prevented from mopping up a liquid that a fan had spilled on stage, Justin could not deal. He literally lost his cool and even got nasty with his own fans, which was followed by the ultimate diss of him storming off the stage saying, “I’m done… I’m not doing the show.” JB later claimed to be “Sorry,” via Instagram, but actions speak louder than words, right? Watch his total b*tch fit here:

2. Selena Gomez — The former Disney Channel actress is usually able to keep calm, cool and collected, however, when sound malfunctions caused a little commotion during a 2013 LA Jingle Ball performance, SelGo was not havin’ it. Frazzled by the sound problems, she even tried to laugh it off with fans. Right as she finished belting it out to, “Come and Get It,” she accidentally let “What the f*ck?” slip and abruptly ran off stage, cutting her set down by two songs. Yikes! *Warning: The clip below contains explicit language!*

3. Zayn Malik — Before Zayn rocked everyone’s world and left One Direction, he also decided to call it quits just three songs into a February 2015 show. The boys later explained that their then bandmate wasn’t feeling well and left for health reasons, buttttt who’s to say that’s definitely the case? Either way, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam — who stepped up to fill-in for Zayn’s solo — were able to brush it off back then and even later on, when he made the ultimate exit. Check out Liam steppin’ up to the plate during the show:

4. Britney Spears — Just 15 minutes into her Vancouver Circus Tour performance, Brit was like, bye y’all. The apparent reason for her early ditch was due to excessive cigarette smokers. After many boos from an unhappy crowd, a voice came over the speakers reminding guests of the smoking regulations and that disregarding them caused discomfort to the performers and, particularly, “Ms. Spears.” Thankfully, the ’90s Pop Queen did make a comeback, and the show did indeed go on.

5. Cher Lloyd — When you’re disrespected at your own show, as the British singer was during a 2012 music festival, you kinda have every right to call it quits. After being booed by some non-fans who then continued to throw water bottles filled with urine (gross!) at the singer, Cher made her way off the stage. The at the time 20-year-old singer did later return to let the crowd know that, “not everyone wants a bottle of p**s chucked at ’em.” Agreed.

6. Kanye West — This one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise being that there is no one who loves himself more than the “Stronger” singer does. Unlike Cher who had bottles thrown at her, or Selena who had sound issues, good ‘ol Kanye was super pissed during a 2013 Tampa, Florida show for very different reasons. About what, you may ask? The lighting. That’s right, Yeezy demanded that the adjustments be made to the lighting stat. Rolls eyes. Watch it all go down:

7. Chris Daughtry — During a concert on “Fox and Friends” the American Idol singer upset crowds when he point blank refused to sing “My Country Tis of Thee,” to honor the 70th anniversary of D-Day. After the hosts and audience members attempted to goad the singer into a performance, Daughtry made a quick escape saying, “This is where I bail.” Soon after he did make a public apology, explaining that he was simply caught off guard, but what would have been the big deal, Chris? Watch the awkwardness ensue:

8. Jonathon Knight — When New Kids On the Block performed during the iHeartRadio 2013 show in NYC, they were one man down, or at least for half of the show. The ’90s boy-bander could clearly be seen feeling discomfort during the show, and when his fellow band members, including his brother Jordan, tried to help him out, it was to no avil. Jonathon walked off the stage and never came back. The 46-year-old, who suffers from social anxiety, later apologized to fans for the incident. Aw, poor guy. We do have to give it to the NKOTB guys for havin’ Jonathon’s back during the show.

9. Steve Harwell — the Smash Mouth (a.k.a. the group of one hit wonder “All Star”) singer freaked the eff out after audience members threw bread at him during a performance this past summer. We definitely don’t agree with the bread-throwers, but Harwell’s language and actions got so out of hand that body guards had to come on stage in an attempt to calm the 48-year-old singer down. In the end, the singer stormed off stage. Drama, drama, drama!

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