9 Musicians Who Unfollowed Their Former Bandmates on Social Media

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In the music industry, when artists come together and combine their talents, magic happens. There are a ton of advantages to being in a music group, including never having to perform or interview alone, doing absolutely insane harmonies together and, at some point, becoming so close-knit that you’re basically a family.

Unfortunately, all of these advantages don’t usually matter much in the end because of this one undeniable truth: groups eventually always break up.

Let’s be honest here for a second. We would all love if Camila Cabello was still crushing it with Fifth Harmony and if One Direction still toured the world, but the image we’ve created in our minds of our favorite groups being inseparable BFFs is just not the truth.

The reality is that people grow up, their music tastes change and, sorry to say it — they sometimes no longer get along and the group has no choice but to go their separate ways. However, the issue really lies in how the split is handled — and in the digital age, it’s often accompanied by a swift click of the “unfollow” button. Check out these nine musicians who have unfollowed their former bandmates on social media. We know… we can’t believe it either!