7 Artists Who Actually Said Their Famous Ex’s Name in One of Their Songs

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People all over the world cringed for days when Robin Thicke released his Paula album back in July 2014 in hopes of winning back his ex-wife, Paula Patton. The “Blurred Lines” singer’s desperate attempt was pretty freakin’ intense, and while no one else has gone quiiiiiite as far when it comes to using music to talk about a past relationship, many have gotten close.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 features tons of songs that are speculated to be about her past romance with Harry Styles (you didn’t really think “Style” was a coincidence, did you?), but she’s been calling out her former flames for YEARS. And while Tay is definitely the first person that comes to mind when we think of musicians who kick a** and take names (literally), there are many others who have done the same exact thing.