7 Famous Musicians Who Ripped Their Pants During a Performance

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There are a number of things that can go wrong while performing live, so whatever crazy scenario you can think up in your head has probably happened at one point or another. Like wardrobe malfunctions, for example. Those happen all the time, and celebs never know when or if this moment of vulnerability is going to be captured on camera and released for the entire world to see.

We can think of tons of celebs whose embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions have been captured by paparazzi and posted all over the Internet. This year alone, Beyoncé flashed her spanx, Selena Gomez accidentally wore a see-through black shirt and unfortunate photos of Gigi Hadid surfaced as she was getting into a car, revealing her underwear.

Like we were saying, this kind of stuff happens quite often, and sometimes wardrobe malfunctions strike at the most inconvenient times… like when musicians are performing on stage! Check out these seven performers who all split their pants during a show. OMG, we still can feel their embarrassment!