12 Musicians Who Released Surprise Songs, Like, Out of Nowhere

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A huge element of music in the ~digital age~ is promotion. In general, the bigger and more far-reaching, the better. Except, you know, when musicians take the opposite approach and don’t promote new music at all before it’s released. It’s what they like to call a “surprise release” and what we like to call an “OMG how are we ever supposed to sleep or leave our houses when there is the constant threat of the surprise release of music by our favorite artists?” (As a name, it’s sort of long, but it gets the idea across.)

Anyway, you’d think that this tactic would be counter-intuitive and would surely set up a situation in which the surprise music would not do so well, on account of the fact that no one at all was expecting it to drop. However, based on the experiences of these 12 musicians, who surprised the world with their music, the shock factor works oddly in their favor: