7 Musicians Who Left Their Band, Then Returned More Than 5 Years Later

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You don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone, right? We all know what it’s like when a beloved band member ups and leaves their group — it’s hurtful, confusing and feels downright effed up. For as painful as it is for the fans, it’s probably all of those things x10000 for the other artists they’re leaving behind.

Unfortunately, an unexpected music-group departure is no rare occurrence in Hollywood, as artists are constantly leaving their bands to go solo, join another group, focus on their ~personal lives~, etc. On the bright side, however, nothing is permanent.

At times, the guy or gal who peaced out from the band notices that their choice to leave was a mistake almost immediately (like Emblem3‘s Drew Chadwick who left the X-Factor creation in 2014, but returned to Wesley and Keaton Stromberg just over one year later). Yet, sometimes, it takes the performer a lot more time before they realize what they gave up. While we hope there are eventually some more singers to add to this list (*cough*Camila Cabello*cough*) a couple years down the line, for now, here are 7 musicians who quit their band but then returned over FIVE years later.