12 Musicians Who Did the One Thing You Always Dreamed They’d Do to You

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Fans go crazy over their favorite celebrities, so it’s really nice to see said celebs recognize that and pay attention to their fans. A lot of them have done this by using their musical talents and serenading them. Some fans who got the special treatment survived a really sad event or are really sick; others were celebrating their birthday the day they went to a concert; and some fans just got lucky when they got plucked from the crowd to go on stage. So, which celebrities have loved their fans back by singing to them in front of thousands? These 12 made their dedicated followers really happy by doing the one thing you always dreamed they’d do to you:

1. Harry Styles — What is one way to ruin all of your future birthdays forever? Have Harry Styles sing “Happy Birthday” to you… which he did for a fan on stage! How do you ever top that? ANSWER: You don’t.

2. Miley Cyrus — Matt Peterson just wanted to take his favorite pop star to prom, so he invited her. Sadly, she shot him down, but made up for it by offering him a front-row seat to her show and serenading him with “Adore You” on stage.

3. Ed Sheeran — When you’re in the mall, the last thing you’d expect is for a star to ambush you and start singing! Ed did that to one of his fans, who was performing and not only serenaded her, but turned it into a cute duet.

4. Jonas Brothers — While singing “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” Joe pulled up a young fan named Peter on stage, who has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Not only does he sing to him, but he also gives him his vest!

5. Justin Bieber — There can’t be a better way to hear “One Less Lonely Girl” than this. Justin brought a fan on stage to sit on a throne and he sings the hit to her. The fan, of course, looks like she died and went to heaven.

6. Austin Mahone — The cutie loves giving his fans attention when he can. He posted a video montage on his YouTube account of all the times he serenaded a fan to his song, “U.” Of course, all of them kind of freak out about it.

7. Beyoncé — In 2013, the diva made a terminally ill girl’s wish come true by walking off stage and serenading her with “Survivor” in front of the crowd.

8. Justin Timberlake — During a concert, Justin sang “Happy Birthday” to an 8-year-old fan named Julian, who go his ticket as a birthday present. The crowd was happy to sing the song along with him, too.

9. Lady Gaga — The pop star switched things up for her Hollywood Bowl concert. She knew Bill Clinton was in the crowd for his birthday, so she chaned up her lyrics to “Bad Romance” to “Bill Romance.” You get a good glimpse of Bill and Hillary’s reactions to the serenade.

10. The Wanted — During a concert, each guy said thank you to their die-hard fans by pulling one on stage and singing to her. We can’t help but be jealous of Max’s girl. He looks deeply into her eyes and even touches her hair!

11. Bruno Mars — The crooner was performing in Ohio when he pulled Zumyah Thorpe from the crowd, who suffered traumatic brain injury from an auto accident, which took her mother and two sisters’ lives.

12. Chris Pine — The hot actor went on The Ellen Show to make a fan’s day by singing a Frank Sinatra song to her on stage. Jelly!

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