6 Musicians Who Left One Popular Band to Join Another Group

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When the Jonas Brothers announced their breakup in 2013, the boys said it “was a unanimous decision.” We later found out, however, that it was actually Nick Jonas who initially brought up wanting to break up as a band and pursue music on his own. While the 24-year-old is obviously super comfortable as a solo artist, his brother Joe Jonas much prefers to perform with others, which is why he decided to create everyone’s new favorite band, DNCE.

The 27-year-old got lucky — most people can only hope to be in one successful group, let alone two. But Joe’s rise to stardom in two separate walks of music isn’t all coincidence; the “Cake by the Ocean” singer is obviously super talented, which clearly helped as he transitioned from the JoBros to DNCE. Like Joe, other band members moved their talents from one group to another, even though the first one was doing just fine.