7 Musicians Whose Anxiety Got in the Way of Their Performances

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Mental illness has always been a sensitive topic. Its discussion in the media tends to be a hot-button issue, as people have strong opinions about mental illness when it comes to politics, treatment, diagnosis, and more. It is simultaneously very private and personal, as well as public. One of the most common types of mental illnesses: anxiety disorder.

While it’s completely normal to feel anxious about an upcoming exam or job interview, some people’s anxiety is so severe that it can lead to panic attacks and/or debilitating fear. Over the past few years, more and more celebs are coming out to share their own personal experiences with anxiety — like Disney Channel’s Dove Cameron — in hopes of normalizing and bringing awareness to the issue. While fan favorites such as Beyonce and Rihanna have spoken about their struggles with stage fright and performance anxiety, other musicians have been unable to perform at all and have even canceled their concerts due to their severe anxiety. These stars are the most prominent examples: