What the Eff!? 10 Singers Who Physically Attacked Their Own Fans

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As much as it sucks, some celebrities get attacked by their fans on the reg. Some diehard followers have even gone so far as to assault their favorite singer right in the middle of a concert! Not cool. But while those stories are somewhat normal (so sad), you probably don’t hear the opposite very frequently — musicians doing the attacking on their fans. But, as it turns out, celebs fire back more often than you may expect.

After possibly being pushed to their limit, some of the biggest musicians have completely flipped their s*** on their very own admirers; brutally, we might add! Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Pitbull… they’ve all done it. Scroll down to see all the musicians who are guilty of the same violent act.

Caution: The below content contains explicit and violent footage.

1. Justin Bieber — The Biebs is certainly known for finding ways to constantly charm the public with his actions (note sarcasm). He’s even gotten pretty sassy with his own fans and has had some unkind things to say about them from time to time. Where’s the love, JB? One eager Belieber endured the ultimate letdown after spotting the “Sorry” singer in a night club. When the girl eyed the then-21-year-old singer, she quickly pulled a James Bond and hopped over the couch to pop a squat. Justin immediately shoved her, causing the fan’s bestie to fight on her behalf. After the two had to be pulled away by body guards, Justin was seated on the opposite end of the club, apparently in time out.

2. Rihanna — RiRi has a knack for creating quite the controversy, whether it be from her suggestive song lyrics or her IDGAF attitude. In past interviews, she’s even said that she wouldn’t consider herself a role model. While it’s great and all that she isn’t trying to pretend she’s sometihng that she’s not, what’s not so great, however, is her ability to loose her cool so easily. While performing to a crowd in London in 2013, the “We Found Love” singer jumped into the crowd to jam with the audience. She quickly regretted the decision when one fan just wouldn’t let go of her hand, which is when the singer ever so nonchalantly slashed the girl away with her mic, and continued on her way. We’re sure there had to be better methods than that…

3. Pitbull — Mr. 305 was not about to be made a mockery of at a 2009 concert in Colorado. After one audience member would not stop tossing dollar bills on stage, even after the 34-year-old star told him to quit it, things took a turn for the worse. Pitbull decided to take the audience member on stage, where he was planning to shame him in front of the audience. Pit never got the chance to do this, however, because the fan continued to throw more money at the rapper and, without a moment’s hesitation, punched him. The fellas were broken apart by bodyguards and the fan was removed from the concert. Ugh, boys…

4. Billie Joe Armstrong — The Green Day lead singer and guitarist is known to have erratic, sometimes violent, behavior. Nearly six years ago, after one fan pissed him off for unknown reasons, the band member threw his guitar down and and took a literal cannon ball into the crowd. Punches were thrown and mosh pits ensued, until security was able to finally squash the fight. Yikes!

5. Will Smith — During a 2013 press event in Moscow, the then-45-year-old actor was not expecting a reporter to go in for an embrace. Apparently caught off guard, Will shoved the man away and even gave him a another slap to the face to ensure his point was made. Some people just really value their personal space, you know?

6. Amy Winehouse — In one big act of misunderstanding, the late Amy Winehouse was performing “Rehab” in 2008 when she randomly elbowed and punched a man. She left him with one mean death stare, as she was ushered backstage. As it turns out, the singer was under the impression that the fan was throwing something into her hair, when in fact, this was not the case. In a strange twist of events, the fan was not at all offended by her gestures. He later told reporters that, “Not everyone can say they have been hit by Amy Winehouse.” Welp, there you go.

7. Akon — During a 2007 concert, a 15-year-old fan supposedly threw something at the singer. In attempt to save his pride, Akon pulled the fan on stage just so he could hoist him on his shoulders and toss him into the crowd, in turn injuring an additional audience member. Talk about a tool, huh? Later on, Akon said that it was a planned stunt to promote his album, yet, it doesn’t quite explain why he pleaded guilty to harassment in 2008. Suspicious, verrry suspicious.

8. A$AP Rocky’s Mob — At the very end of a 2012 show, fans were getting a little too rowdy for The Mob’s liking. When one fan allegedly stole a do-rag from a crew member and others screamed jeers, A$AP attempted to quiet the mob down. When that didn’t work, The Mob took actions and dove into the crowd throwing punches left and right. After several fans were left bruised and bleeding, security quieted the riot and cops quickly shut the party down.

9. Kid Cudi — In 2009, the “Pursuit of Happiness” rapper was outraged when a fan threw his wallet at him. Taking the defense, Kid Cudi jumped off stage and punched the fan right in the face. Showing remorse for his actions, a year later he brought the fan on stage during a concert. Uh, so at least there’s that?

10. Tim McGraw — When one Atlanta fan hears the words ‘Tim McGraw’ she won’t think of the Taylor Swift song — she’ll think of being slapped. Last summer, after the country singer had his leg grabbed by a fan, he violently slapped her in an attempt to make her let loose. Tim, what do you expect when you’re one of the most popular country artists around? While there was a lawsuit against the singer, it was eventually dropped because the two parties were able to settle the dispute “the old fashioned way,” a.k.a. someone was paid off…

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