7 Musicians Who Disgustingly Threw Up — On Freakin’ Stage!

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We all remember the time that Harry Styles innocently went for a hike, got in his car, was forced to pull over so he could vomit on the side of the highway, and had paparazzi document the entire thing. Yikes. While the pictures of the One Direction singer’s sickness spell did go somewhat viral, it definitely could’ve been worse; the upchucking incident could’ve happened while he was performing in front of thousands!! Oh wait…that happened, too…

But Hazza’s public vomit session wasn’t the first time a musician has lost his or her lunch during a concert. In fact, six other huge stars know exactly what it’s like to lose control of your tummy while performing a live show.

1. Justin Bieber — While JB was rocking out to “Out of Town Girl” during the Arizona stop of the Believe tour in 2012, something went VERY wrong. Apparently, the singer wasn’t feeling well before the show and couldn’t hold back the vomit as he was getting his dance on. Like a true professional, Justin immediately ran off the stage to compose himself (even though the damage was already done) and came back to apologize to his fans. “It’s hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people,” he said when he returned. “Will you love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?” Um, DUH! Later on, as the shock of the nasty incident wore off, the “Sorry” crooner was able to joke about it on Twitter saying, “And …. Milk was a bad choice! Lol.”

2. Harry Styles — Unlike Justin Bieber, Harry Styles was able to keep his vomit contained until he was off the main stage in front of thousands. The 1D singer was forced to run off stage mid-performance to lose his lunch behind some equipment. While many people claimed that his nausea happened thanks to a night of heavy drinking, he cleared up the rumors to Nick Grimshaw. “I think everyone thinks it’s because I was drinking but it was actually because I ate, I had dinner too close and I was just so full.”

3. Miley Cyrus — Before she was purposely gagging on glitter and spitting water on fans during her concerts, Miley Cyrus’ live shows were much more tame. So, when the singer came down with the flu during her Wonder World tour in 2009, things got a bit interesting. MiCy tried her hardest to keep her illness at bay, but couldn’t get through “7 Things” without dashing out of view multiple times to toss her cookies.

4. Lady Gaga — You know not all singers had the same luck as Miley and Harry; Lady Gaga took a note from Justin Bieber’s book and, unfortunately, couldn’t control her chunks. The “Poker Face” singer threw up not one, not two, not three, but FOUR times during a gig in Barcelona, Spain, in 2009. Although one of Gaga’s dancers tried to shield her vomit as it happened, the crowd got a clear view and watched the entire thing go down. In true rock star fashion, however, she finished throwing up without a second thought and continued rocking her performance.

5. Rihanna — “What’s My Name?” is one of RiRi’s most memorable songs of all time, and for a crowd in Lisbon, Portugal, it’s definitely one they’ll never forget. The 27-year-old singer was totally owning her performance (killer dance moves and all) when suddenly fans noticed that she was missing from the stage. As it turns out, Rih had to briefly rush off to blow chunks and let her backup dancers keep the crowd hyped. The Barbados native only missed a few seconds of the performance, as she immediately came back and continued where she left off.

6. Caleb Followill — During Kings of Leon’s 2011 concert in Dallas, vocalist Caleb Followill announced, “I’m gonna go backstage and I’m gonna vomit, I’m gonna drink a beer and I’m gonna come back out and play three more songs.” Although he promised to return, the gig eventually had to be cancelled, and so did the remaining 26 tour dates. But this wasn’t the first time the rocker lost his lunch on stage. Back in 2009, Caleb vomited during a Sydney performance, apparently because of the intense heat.

7. Max Bemis — The Say Anything frontman is not shy in admitting that he sometimes drinks too much before going on stage. But his decision to throw ’em back before performing backfired hardcore as he literally vomited mid-song during the last night of the band’s tour last year. EW!

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