7 of Your Favorite Musicians Who Performed Despite Being Sick

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For a performer, it’s essential to stay professional while on stage. Regardless of whether you trip, forget the lyrics of a song or completely blank out on the choreography, you’re expected — nay, required to make it seem as though your mistakes were no mistake at all.

Unfortunately, however perfect your favorite artists may seem, they still do make mistakes. And — *SPOILER ALERT* — just like us, they are not immune to illness, which can sometimes get in the way of putting on a perfect show. Whether it’s the common cold or an extreme case of the flu, your favorite musicians often maintain this idea that “the show must go on.” That is why even if they’re feeling way under the weather; many still appear on stage for the sake of their fans. Check out our list of seven musicians who performed live despite the fact that they probably should’ve stayed home in bed: