7 Big-Name Celebrities Who Performed at Their Friend’s Wedding

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Who doesn’t love a good wedding? While planning one kinda sounds like one big bundle of stress, attending one — or even just clicking through Pinterest pics of one instead — is never a bad idea. And no one does a wedding like a Hollywood power couple.

That’s why we’ve spent waaaaaaay more time than we’d like to admit wishing we could rent out an entire plantation like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds did for their 2012 South Carolina nuptials, or wear a gorg lacy dress like the one Sofia Vergara had custom designed for her big day with Joe Manganiello in 2015. We’d even take the secret ceremony Kiera Knightley had in the woods, or the one Beyonce had in Jay-Z’s apartment, TBH.

It’s not just the perfect location and dress that we want, or the perfect bouquet of flowers, menu, or decor either — but rather, the perfect guests. After we caught wind of some of the star-studded ceremonies our favorite leading ladies have had and learned which ridiculously famous stars took on on the role of maid of honor or bridesmaid for their bestie, we decided WE WANT THAT, TOO! A tear-jerking MOH speech from none other than Taylor Swift herself? We’d give anything.

So when it comes to weddings, we want it all (yes, like the High School Musical song.), but these lucky couples actually had it all! They heard more than just wedding bells on their big days — they got to celebrate their union with a little serenade from a close friend. And not just any close friend, but a celebrity BFF. Can you say #goals? We’re already taking note of who we’d ask to sing at our ceremony because, hey, a person can dream! We’re thinking a John Legend intro to start things off slow and then a One Direction reunion to kick off the after party — but we’re open to suggestions.