14 Musicians Who Put on Killer Shows in the Pouring Rain

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Musicians have to go through a lot. Their job is the opposite of a 9-to-5; in fact, it’s pretty much their whole life. They have to spend countless nights in the studio, then do a million interviews to promote their music, then travel around the world for months on end to put on a show every. single. night. And then they have to do it all over again!

That sounds exhausting enough, but that’s just if everything goes off without a hitch. Live music comes with its own set of hurdles, so when things don’t go as planned, artists have to adapt quickly. There could be sound issues, or they could get stuck in the air, or the weather could turn sour.

As cool as outdoor venues are, there’s always the risk that it’ll start raining. And for these artists, it did! Click through the slideshow to see all the musicians who put on killer shows in even though it was pouring rain.