Ouch! 9 Musicians Who Painfully Fell Off Stage During a Concert

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It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: taking a tumble in a room full of people. Now, just imagine that instead of being in a room full of people, you’re actually in an arena packed with thousands of screaming fans AND that ‘tumble’ is actually a full-on wipe out straight off stage. 5 Seconds of Summer’s accident-prone Michael Clifford could tell you all about it, especially since he just recently went down at Wembley Arena this week. Yikes! Talk about a nightmare, huh?

Some of the biggest names in the music industry have similarly taken accidental dives off stage, too. Luckily, they’ve all survived to tell their battle stories, and most even managed to get back up like true champs, because as they say, the show must go on. Check out which other musicians join Michael with the most cringe-worthy falls of all time.

1. Michael Clifford — Mere moments after 5SOS stepped on stage to close out BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2015, the guitarist took one fatal step causing him to fall right off stage. What a way to get the crowd going! Mikey got right back up like a true pro and made sure the rest of the performance without a hitch. The “She’s Kinda Hot Singer” was clearly powering through his pain, because after the show he took to his Twitter to explain, “all good geezers. On crutches for the next few days. don’t look at me funny pls lolz. Thanks radio 1 for having us!” Oh, Michael…

2. Katy Perry — Last summer, while the 31-year-old pop singer was belting out “Walking On Air,” KP, ironically, attempted just that. The green-haired diva unexpectedly fell right onto her fans but, thankfully, her Tampa audience pushed her right back up onto stage. After standing back on her two feet, she continued on without ever missing a beat. Now that’s impressive!

3. Selena Gomez — Poor, SelGo! The then-21-year-old songstress was going HAM during a live performance of “Slow Down,” but it’s clear that she could’ve taken the advice of her song title. The “Same Old Love” singer was totally slaying the show, and maybe got a little too into the performance and went diving off the stage onto the lower platform. To be fair, the former Disney Channel actress did nearly make it through the whole performance, so that kinda has to count for something right?

4. Iggy Azalea — The 25-year-old rapper was totally in her element performing last year’s song of the summer during the 2014 VMA pre-show, but the Aussie’s performance was unfortunately interrupted when she took a few steps in the wrong direction and fell off the stage. That had to hurt! Following the gig, the blonde was able to laugh at herself and even posted the video on Instagram. What a champ! Watch as Iggy gets pulled back up to finish her performance post-plop.

5. P!nk — Every time P!nk gets on stage, hearts pound pound thanks to her insane vocals and many acrobatic stunts. But after a a harness was not properly secured around the pop-rocker, she was literally fired off the stage in a sling-shot and had to be rushed to the hospital. Hmmm… is it safe to assume that a few stunt coordinators were fired that night? She later assured her fans that she was okay, and apologized for ending the concert abruptly.

6. Luke Bryan — The country cutie was getting deep into a cover of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” during a Charlotte show last summer when he made one false move that landed him right in a swarm of screaming fans. Later on, Luke explained that he wasn’t seriously injured but did, in fact, need stitches. Ouch! Afterwards, Luke’s stage crew installed a foam pit around the stage so that the same incident wouldn’t happen during another show. Phew!

7. Dave Grohl — The Foo Fighters lead singer suffered from a broken leg after falling off stage during a concert in Sweden this past summer. Fear not, because Dave refused to miss a beat and continued with the rest of the performance while paramedics were working on him; he even had them prop him up on a chair so he could still strum away on his guitar. Now that is true dedication!

8. Steven Tyler — All bets are off when you’re a member of one of the greatest rock’n’roll bands of all time! While he was rockin’ out with some fancy footwork, the then-61-year-old legend slipped and landed right off stage. Not only did Tyler suffer from head, neck and shoulder injuries, but Aerosmith even had to postpone their next show. Tough break (no pun intended), Steven!

9. Prince Royce — During 103.5 Kiss FM’s annual Kiss concert this past May, the singer slash songwriter misjudged his footing, causing him to take a tumble off the stage. After being helped up by security, he continued serenading fans from the ground floor. Definitely a smart move on his part!

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