8 of Your Favorite Musicians Who Were Actually Discovered by Another Star

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Some celebrities started their careers on reality competitions, and others got their big breaks thanks to YouTube. While those two methods of gaining success aren’t that out of the ordinary nowadays, it’s still pretty darn rare for an already established star to take notice of you and eventually catapult you to stardom. But while it’s definitely rare, that doesn’t mean it’s never happened.

Picture this: you’re sitting at home one day and suddenly notice your phone blowing up with tweets. You inspect WTF is happening, and soon realize that Louis Tomlinson of One Direction took notice of your band and tweeted one of your covers to his millions of followers. Sound like a fanfiction? Well, it’s not; it’s the story of how 5 Seconds of Summer first started to becoming successful in the music industry. Just like LT & 5SOS’ ~magical~ connection, a few more of your faves have similar stories on how they were discovered by another star.