9 Pop Musicians Who Were Accused of Ripping Off Another Artist’s Music Video

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They say that “imitation is the best form of flattery,” but let’s face it, when someone copies your English assignment and gets a better grade than you, it’s effing annoying. When an amazing new pop album drops, it’s usually only a matter of time before the plagiarism claims start to roll in — like last year when Ed Sheeran was sued for over $20 million for allegedly stealing the notes for his song “Photograph” from a song written for The X-Factor contestant Matt Cardle called “Amazing.” The redhead’s not the only one who’s been burdened by that type of lawsuit, in fact there’s a long list (featuring basically all of our favorite singers) of people who apparently ripped off their songs from other artists.

While in some cases there was probably a bit of unintentional/intentional “borrowing,” it’s possible that the OG song and it’s apparent copycat just isn’t that original and two (or more) people actually just happened to think up the same idea. By now we’ve all probably heard the rumor that most pop songs are comprised of the same four notes, anyways! But the actual music isn’t the only thing that’s been a topic of conversation when it comes to the unoriginal nature of mainstream music. Nowadays, videos are almost as important as the actual tune itself. And unfortunately, some artists have been at the center of rumors that say they stole the concept for their MV from another star. PLEASE don’t get us wrong — these are some of our favorite songs — but we’ve gotta admit… some of these visual pieces do look SUSPICIOUSLY alike.