16 Music Videos That Were Actually Filmed But Never Released

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One of the most exciting things to happen as your favorite artist begins dropping new tracks is when they also start to release the music videos for their singles. A lot of these videos are highly-anticipated and can completely change and enhance the meaning of the songs themselves. What would Beyoncé‘s Lemonade be without its visual album component? One of the most crazy nights every year is when the MTV VMAs air — a night dedicated to celebrating the amazing music videos released that year (with usually a few publicity stunts and a couple WTF-worthy moments).

But what about the music videos that never get any recognition? Or worse yet, music videos that never see the light of day? There’s footage out there from some of our favorite artists — One Direction, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears — yet somehow, we’ve never seen it except for leaked clips and paparazzi shots of these M.I.A. music videos that got left on the cutting room floor. There are actually way more than you might think and all we can do is keep our fingers crossed that someone will one day let us see what we’re missing out on!