15 Famous Musicians Who Made a MAJOR Comeback in 2017

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We’re just going to go ahead and say it: 2017 has been ROUGH. We have seen some of our all-time favorite couples break up or get divorced, almost every highly anticipated movie was a total flop and horrific news of men using their power to sexually abuse others has been coming out ever since Harvey Weinstein was outed by brave women. While we attempt to crawl our way to 2018 without any more bad news, our eyes are fixed on the music industry.

Listening to music is one of our favorite ways to get out of our own heads and escape reality for a little while. Thankfully, music is one of the few things that wasn’t a complete disappointment this year. We saw musicians come together from all over in support of Ariana Grande to honor the victims and their families from the deadly Manchester bombing and some of our favorite artists returned to the spotlight after years. So, for your pleasure, we rounded up all of the musicians who made a major comeback in 2017: