Best of 2011: The 11 Best Music Collabs of 2011

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Drake and Rihanna, Whats My Name Collaboration It’s a good thing we get iTunes gift cards from our relatives for every birthday, holiday, and random other gift-giving event, because 2011 brought us TONS of amazing songs. But we’re not just talking about those regular, boring songs with one person singing/rapping/auto-tuning. We’re talking those collaborations where two (or more) megastars pair up and totally kill it. Wanna relive those magical music moments? We present to you our 11 Best Music Collaborations of 2011, which includes RiRi, Drake, Nicki, Britney, Demi, Bieber, and tons more.

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Rihanna featuring Drake, “What’s My Name”
Why Rihanna and Drake aren’t officially dating at the moment boggles our mind. If their babies turn out to be just as amazing as their best song of the year, “What’s My Name?”,” we wouldn’t be surprised. Just sayin’.

Eminem featuring Bruno Mars, “Lighters”
Eminem and Bruno are like, the kings of hit singles. They also have two of the most distinctive voices in the music biz. Then they made “Lighters” together. Amen.

Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer, “Give Me Everything”
If you went to even one party this year, odds are you know of and are obsessed with this tune. “Grab somebody sexy, tell ’em hey!”

Katy Perry featuring Kanye West, “E.T”
Technically “ET” is a song from 2010, but when Katy recruited Kanye to sing on it when she released it as a single in 2011, it became that much more awesome. It even won a 2011 VMA for Best Pop Collaboration!

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