Editor Showdown: Which MTV Show Is Better — Awkward. or Teen Wolf?

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For last week's Editor Showdown, we debated the appeal of Jamie Campbell Bower (and it looks like he is that big of a deal). But this week, we'll be sounding off on two of MTV's hit shows: Awkward. and Teen Wolf.

Now, we know trying to compare these shows is sort of like comparing apples and oranges — Awkward. is a comedy; Teen Wolf is action-packed and suspenseful — but this week is more about convincing each other to open our minds to watching each respective show. I (Amanda) am Team Awkward, while my cohort, Kaitlin, is Team Teen Wolf. See what we have to say about each show by reading below!

Amanda, Editor: Now, I must admit, when Awkward. debuted back in 2011, I was very hesitant to watch. It just looked kind of… eh. Plus, I had plenty of other shows under my DVR belt, so I wasn't really willing to make room for any more. And boy, was I wrong!

Earlier this year when MTV debuted the promo for season three (you know, the one with the Marina and the Diamonds song, "Oh No?"), I found myself very intrigued. Then what do you know, the first two seasons magically popped up on my Netflix and, thanks to that and AppleTV, a few days later, I had caught up on the every single episode.

If you're not familiar with the idea, it's pretty much every teenage girl's dream: The school's most popular boy (Matty, played by Beau Mirchoff) falls for a not-so-popular girl (Jenna, played by Ashley Rickards). Sure, at first they keep their hooking up on the DL, which leads Jenna to think Matty is "embarrassed" by her, but she eventually ends up leading yet another teen dream: two guys fighting over her!

Yes, that's right — Matty's best friend, Jake (who is equally adorable and popular and played by Brett Davern), ends up falling for Jenna! I don't want to give too much away, but she basically has the hardest decisions EVER on her hands after that. Other reasons to love this hilarious show include Jenna's arch-nemesis, Sadie (who is actually quite relatable for a "villain" character), her sassy and fast-talking BFF Tamara, her crazy parents, and much, MUCH more.

In addition to the above, the first two seasons have 12 episodes each and are only 30 minutes long, so it's definitely not too) much of a time suck. If you do the math, that's roughly about 12 hours — totally doable. And plus, the second half of the third season JUST debuted on MTV last week, so you have time to catch up! Also, there is some super deep character development going on with Jenna right now…it's must-watch!

So just do yourself a favor, and start watching Awkward. already! And since you'll be thanking me later…


Kaitlin, Associate Editor: I had my doubts about Teen Wolf when it first debuted back in 2011. For one, it was on the same network as gems like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom (which are so not my scene, FYI). Plus it was another show about mythical beings, and I already got myself hooked on The Vampire Diaries, so it seemed like overkill. That is, until something magical happened: I met Dylan O'Brien!

Prior to that wonderful moment, Teen Wolf had barely been a blip on my radar, other than when Teen.com readers brought it up on Twitter. I would just shrug it off, like "Okay, guys. Don't know what you see in the show, but I get it, you like it." However, after witnessing Dylan's — for lack of a better word — goofy personality in person, I had to see what he was like on television. Turns out, his character, Stiles Stilinski, is pretty much like the guy I'd met IRL. And I loved him! (Here are some examples as to why.)

Then there's the show itself: Based in an everyday high school, Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey) is bitten by a werewolf, thereby turning him into one of the toothy creatures, too. Before the bite that changed his life, Scott was an outcast, along with Stiles. But after, he climbs up the social ladder to lacrosse co-captain, alongside hottie Jackson (played by Colton Haynes), and dates new girl Allison (played by Crystal Reed)… You get it, life gets good. Except for when he has to fight other werewolves, werewolf hunters (including his GF's entire family) and other odd beings, like The Kanima. See? It's like real-life HS, only cooler and more dangerous.

Of course we can't forget about the hotties. Sadly, Colton's no longer on the show, but you can still look forward to the Tylers (of the Posey and Hoechlin variety), Dylan, British cutie Daniel Sharman and the twins, Max and Charlie Carver (though, their bodies are better than their faces in my opinion).

If you're into all of those teenage angst-y comedies and/or dramas, you'd love it. And if you're into action, suspense and all of those creature-filled series, you'd love it too. Either way, it's got something for everyone. Like I said, it's like real-life HS — only cooler.

We Heart It

Which show do YOU like better? Sound off in the comments!

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