Exclusive! The Teen Mom Cast Prevents Teen Pregnancy, One PSA At a Time

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Even though we were pretty much obsessed with the new cast and season of Teen Mom 2, we miss the originals, Farrah, Maci, Catelynn and Amber. And they probably knew we missed them oh-so-much, because all 4 girls are back with a PSA for National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (that’s today, btw). And in this exclusive video, the girls spill on what they would’ve done their senior year of high school had they not gotten pregnant and, basically, why you should stay protected and not get pregnant as a teen. And stuff.

So click on to watch the vid!

Do you think the girls are sending a good message for teens? Who’s your favorite teen mom? Do you miss the original 4 or prefer the new girls better? Tell us in the comments!