Should You Offish Add These New Abbrevs & Slang Words to Your Vocab?

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If you’ve read even one post on Teen.com, you’ve probs noticed that we’re kind of into slang and abbrev’ing. There. We just did it twice in the first sentence. And you know what? We’re proud of it.

What are your fave slang words/abbreviatons/terminology and what should we be using more of on Teen.com? These are def going to blow your mind…

The folks over at MTV just sent us some of the best abbrevs/slang words in honor of tonight’s season premiere of Awkward, which uses like, a million times more slang than we do here (How is that possible?). They conducted a survey to see which words used on the show are actually most used IRL and the most faved. Smart, right? (Sorry, we can’t stop ourselves.)

The top 10 words used from Awkward “Slangtionary” are:

Definition: Stalker, Weirdo, Freak

Definition: Messed Up

Definition: Creep, Stalker, Freak

Definition: Calling “BS”

Definition: Gross, Nasty

Definition: Obvious

Definition: Small party, Get-Together

Definition: Jealous

Definition: Being grounded

Definition: Freak Out

And the 10 words that people would like to start using IRL are:

Definition: This Is Awkward

Definition: Something that does not go as planned

Definition: Stokes, Excited, Amped

Definition: Over-analyzing

Definition: Changing the subject

Definition: So cheesy it’s almost cool

Definition: Brilliant

Definition: Having a nervous breakdown

Definition: Out-dated, Old School

Definition: The end of the world brought on by one’s own bad karma

*MTV Research/YPulse

Not even lying, we are so jell-y of the peeps that make TIA happen. Which of these slang words is your fave? What are your favorite abbrevs and slangs that you want to see more of on Teen.com (and in life)? Tell us here!