12 Times You Wanted to Move Out of Your Parents’ House

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Living at home with your parents isn’t so bad when you consider how free and cozy that living arrangement is 95% of the time. It’s really the other 5% of the time that we take issue with. Because for every home-cooked meal or load of laundry done by your mom, there are one of these struggles that you’ve got to deal with:

1. When they enforced a curfew long after one was necessary. Bye, Dad-licia.

2. When they made you cancel your plans to do chores. Seriously?

Not Fair

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3. When they yelled at you for no reason. Whose fault was it that they had a bad day? It wasn’t yours before, but it became yours.

4. When they complained about how messy your room was. “Have you ever considered that this is my favorite room setting?!”

5. Any situation that began with the phrase, “As long as you live under my roof…” Merp.

6. When you heard that your favorite celebrity had their own place way younger than you. Sure, they’re filthy rich and probably hate their parents, anyway. But STILL.


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7. When your house was too noisy for you to handle. Not even the most effective noise-canceling headphones could do the trick.

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8. When two of your friends started rooming together. “Need a third, guys?!”

Hold On Hold On

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9. When you wanted to bring over your crush but you decided against it. Things could’ve easily taken a turn for the awk.

Mmm Better Not

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10. When you realized you make sort of enough money to pay your own rent. Maybe you wouldn’t have lights or balanced meals. But that’s a small price.

11. When they barged into your room without knocking. There wasn’t one knock to be heard.

Excuse Me No

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12. When you wanted every day to be a No Pants Day. It’s a luxury you’re just not afforded when there are a bunch of people at home, unfortch.

No Pants

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