9 of Your Favorite Movies That Originally Ended Differently

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This goes without saying, but there are so many steps that take place before a movie makes its way into theaters and into our eyeballs, mesmerizing us as we get popcorn grease all over our clothes. Along the way, there are countless script edits, casting changes, title tweaking, post-production, blah blah blah. At any stage of this process, a crucial change can be made that totally alters the movie forever. This isn’t just reshooting some random scene ten minutes into the film, or rewriting a part of the climax, I’m talking about the ending. Yes, the ending, one of the most important parts of the entire movie, the part that you’d think would be set in stone more than anything else.

Movie ending changes happen a lot more often than you’d think and for all types of reasons — the director realizes that it didn’t come out the way they envisioned, the script gets a total overhaul or test audiences determined that the ending absolutely sucked, etc. What’s interesting, though, is finding out what the original ending was meant to be. Honestly, some of them would have made for a better ending, and others are so awful that we should be thankful that they never made the final edit. Hey, why don’t you be the judge of that. From Pretty in Pink to Titanic, check out nine of your favorite movies that had alternate endings:

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