7 Movies & TV Shows with Unconventional Mean Girls

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What do you think of when you think of a high school mean girl? What about the queen bee? You probably think of some Regina George type, right? Blonde, thin, conniving, and straight up evil. Sure, sometimes she’s a brunette, rarely she’s a redhead, but she’s always pretty much built of the same mold: Seems sweet enough on the outside, but ultimately she’s intimidating, nasty and even if she has a heart of gold deep down, she’s not one to cross. If she’s not trying to make your life hell, she’s pretending to be your friend only to stab you in the back later. You know, like inviting you to a costume party that isn’t a costume party at all. The usual happens-on-TV-and-in-movies-but-never-really-IRL kind of thing.

But sometimes a TV show or movie will put a twist in the traditional mean girl trope. Oh, you’ll still recognize her as the mean girl; she’s still a piece of work, but in a different way. Check out these seven unconventional mean girls from your favorite movies and TV shows. TBH, some of them are pretty refreshing as far as teen nightmares go.

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