14 Movies Coming Out in 2015 We’re Already Excited For

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We have some aca-awesome news you guys! Earlier this week we learned that Elizabeth Banks will be directing Pitch Perfect 2 (yay!), but now it's been confirmed that the hit movie's sequel will hit theaters on (drum roll, please) — May 15, 2015! OK, we know that's like, A WHILE from now, but still, we're glad to know it's picking up momentum. For a minute there, we were worried it wasn't going to happen.

Anyways, that got us thinking about what a great year for movies 2015 will be. Sure, 2014 has some AWESOME stuff ahead (The Fault In Our Stars, any one?), but there are some movies scheduled to hit the big screen in 2015 that we're ALREADY amped about. So, what are some of those flicks? Click through the gallery below to see! (Also, keep in mind that movie release dates are scheduled to change, so some of these might get shifted around.)

What movie are you MOST excited to see in 2015? Sound off in the comments section!