11 Popular Teen Movies That Get Real AF About Losing Your Virginity

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There are some unforgettable ‘firsts’ in a person’s life: first day of school, first kiss, first job, first car, first breakup and, of course, first time having sex. TBH, any brand-new experience can be seriously stress-inducing, but no matter at what age it happens or who you do it with, losing your virginity can be an especially daunting/exciting/confusing time. Coming-of-age films can help us navigate new experiences as we grow from tweens to teens to adults and even if they are fictional — they make us feel like we’re not total weirdos for wanting to do absolutely normal things.

Having sex for the first time is such a personal decision and there’s only one person who can tell you if you’re ready: YOU. Sometimes, however, seeing characters on the big screen figure out what feels right to them in the sex department can add a bit of clarity to your own personal decisions. While we’ve seen characters like Emma Roberts in Valentine’s Day work hard to swipe her v-card with her high school BF on a romantic holiday, the whole movie isn’t focused entirely on that storyline. That being said, we decided to only include flicks on this list that are first-time centric, as opposed to ones that have virginity-loss as a more minor subplot.