10 Movies That Will Make You Never Want to Graduate & Start Working

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In the eleven months since I graduated from college, I think I’ve gathered just enough real-life experience to say that graduating and entering the work force is the WORST. I want to stay in school and study superheroes and YouTube forever.

With the exception of feeding myself on a very tight budget, nothing I learned in college has been put to use yet. Here I sit, eager to share my knowledge of twentieth century American literature and there aren’t any employers takers. When they say “stay in school,” I know they don’t mean “stay in school forever and avoid that work-life,” but how nice would it be if they did?

If you are like me, and got a tiny bit jealous during the season finale of Girls when Shoshanna learns she can’t graduate yet, I am here to comfort you. If you are not like me, and are excited to be an adult, here are 10 movies that will make you never want to graduate:

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