7 Movie Sequels That Are Actually Better Than the Original

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Every family has their “thing.” You know, their quirk. Their neurotic tics. That little oddity that sets them apart from everyone else. For my family, our “thing” (well, among others, if I’m being honest) is quoting My Big Fat Greek Wedding. At one point, it was the only DVD that we owned, so every time we had a movie night and hadn’t managed to run to Blockbuster beforehand (a time before Netflix — horrifying, I know), we ended up watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Are we Greek? No, but that’s hardly the point — the movie is so good at pinpointing quirks in a way that feels relatable to everyone, so that it seems to resonate with any family who watches it.

So, when I heard that there was going to be a sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I was a little wary — in most cases, there’s nothing that induces a bout of intense eye-rolling more than the word “sequel.” It feels like a blatant money grab that in no way will ever live up to the original and exists, simply, as a shadow of the movie it was based on. But, you guys. I got to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding II a few weeks ago, and you know what? It is so good. Like actually. It echoes a lot of things that made the first one so great — the conflict between your family’s values and your own and wanting to I went to a press junket the next day, and Elena Kampouris, who plays Tula’s daughter Paris in the movie, summed this idea up perfectly, saying, “I think, with Paris, she’s experiencing a lot of what Toula experienced in the first movie, like dealing with having overwhelming family members, who she doesn’t want to disappoint because they care about her and they only want what’s best for her. But Paris is also trying to figure out what she wants to do and what her heart is telling her is right. So, she’s kind of conflicted, but learning to embrace the Greek within her and her Greek roots.”

You should definitely check out My Big Fat Greek Wedding II. In the mean time, check out exactly why that movie is so good, as well as some other movie sequels that pretty much surpassed their original:

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