Lunchtime Poll: Which Movie Are You Seeing This Weekend?

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We’ve got quite a few varied flicks that hit theaters this weekend, from girly rom-coms to action-packed boy movies and, being the movie buffs that we are, we kinda wanna see them all. But considering that it’s, like, 70 degrees out and, truth, we’re super low on cash, we can’t see all the new releases. Who does that?! Not us. Never.

So which movie are you seeing this weekend? Maybe your vote will help us make up our minds…

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Perhaps you’re in the mood for a rom-com like Something Borrowed? Or the family flick, Jumping the Broom? Or maybe you’re just in the mood to see hot shirtless dudes, in which case Thor is more up your alley? Vote below and tell us what you’re seeing in the comments!