8 Movies That Were Forced to Shut Down Production Because of On-Set Accidents

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If executed correctly, action movies (or any type of movies in general) look absolutely amazing once they hit the big screen. This is the result of hard work, talented actors and even a few bodily injuries. In fact, the phrase “blood, sweat and tears” isn’t simply a cliché; as gross as it may sound, actors end up unintentionally spilling some of their own blood while on set.

Whenever an actor decides to do his or her own stunts, they put themselves at risk. Despite careful planning and stunt coordinators, actors still manage to walk away from a film set with actual battle scars. We’ve seen it occur in tons of YA movies, like The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games and Divergent. While there are varying degrees of ouch-worthy injuries, there are a few that we can agree are gruesome AF. Some set injuries get written into the script, but others are so detrimental that the film must halt production in order for the actor to recover. Such is the case right now for The Death Cure, the third and final installment in the Maze Runner franchise, which has taken a temporary break from filming while Dylan O’Brien recovers from his on-set accident. The Death Cure isn’t the only movie to shut down production because of an on-set accident. Click through the gallery below to see others that have faced the same dilemma: