13 Movie Plots That Are Now Ruined By Technology

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Let’s face it — there are some really great things about technology. It allows you to connect with people you might not be able to otherwise, and it’s also great for gathering information.

However, one aspect of life where technology is slowly ruining our lives? Movie plots! There have been so many great movies based on missed connections or the search for finding someone special, but thanks to iPhones and Google, technology has killed the plots of some of our favorite movies.

To see which ones we’re talking about, scroll below!

1. Road Trip

Plot: In the movie, Breckin Meyer‘s character plays a college student in a long distance relationship who exchanges video tape messages with his GF by mail. After he accidentally mails her an incriminating video where he’s with another girl, he has to go on a road trip to intercept it.

How Technology Ruined It: Now they’d just FaceTime and or Skype to keep in touch.



2. The Notebook

Plot: Noah and Allie share an intense summer love, but grow apart after Allie’s parents whisk her away without getting to say goodbye to Noah. After Allie thought Noah forgot all about her, they reconnect years later and Allie learns Noah wrote her a letter everyday they were apart for the first 365 days.

How Technology Ruined It: Noah and Allie would have become Facebook friends after they met, then they would have eventually exchanged cell phone numbers. Noah could have just texted her after she left without saying anything and been like “Hey where r u *sad face emoji*?”



3. Sleepless in Seattle

Plot: Tom Hanks plays a widowed man whose son calls into a radio show to find him a new partner. Meg Ryan‘s character overhears the broadcast, and is convinced they are meant to be together and tries to track him down.

How Technology Ruined It: There are a couple of reasons for this. First: she could use Google to just find out info about Tom Hanks’ character – though she does do SOME detective work in the movie, she wouldn’t have to use her work resources — she’d just need a working laptop. Second: she would have been able to email with the son and exchange more info about their Empire State Building meet up and could have contacted them via text message when they were running late.



4. Cinderella

Plot: Come on, do we really have to explain?

How Technology Ruined It: Prince Charming would just send an email blast to the kingdom trying to find the girl who had the glass slipper and or he could put up a Craigslist missed connections post hoping she’d see it.



5. Sixteen Candles

Plot: The family of a girl who is turning 16 completely forgets that it’s her birthday as they prepare for the wedding of her older sister the next day.

How Technology Ruined It:  Her parents would have been reminded it was her birthday via Facebook.



6. Can’t Hardly Wait

Plot: During the last huge party of high school after graduation, a “nerd” named Preston is determined to tell the “popular” girl Amanda that he’s been in love with her for four years — even though she doesn’t know he exists.

How Technology Ruined It: Preston professed his love through a letter which Amanda finds, but she doesn’t know who Preston is. Now she could just whip out her iPhone and find him on Facebook right then and there after reading the letter. “Oh, we have 97 friends in common, this must be him!”



7. Grease

Plot: Bad boy Danny and good girl Sandy have a summer fling, but know it’s nothing more than that since Sandy lives in Australia. Fast forward to the first day of school when Danny and Sandy are now classmates — and Sandy is put off by Danny’s bad boy persona (which he conveniently hid during their summer tryst.)

How Technology Ruined It: Danny and Sandy would have found each other on Facebook after they met and she probably would have say “Rydell High” on his page, prompting her to message him about her big move. “OMG we’re going to be at the same high school!”



8. The Sweetest Thing

Plot: Cameron Diaz‘s character meets a guy at a club who she butts heads with at first, but they run into each other again and really connect. He mentions he’s going to be at a wedding that weekend, so she road trips it to tell him how she really feels — only to discover it’s HIS wedding that he was talking about.

How Technology Ruined It: Instead of going on a wild goose chase to find him, she could have looked him up on Facebook and seen that his relationship status was “engaged” saving herself a lot of trouble.



9. She’s the Man

Plot: Amanda Bynes plays Viola who decides to pose as her twin brother Sebastian at his new school while he runs off to London to play music with his band for a couple of weeks.

How Technology Ruined It: Sebastian would probably be posting all over Facebook about being in London, while Sebastian’s roommate at this new school could have just looked him up on Facebook and quickly realized that wasn’t the right person.



10. The Ring

Plot: There’s a video tape that kills you seven days after you watch it.

How Technology Ruined It: No one watches VHS tapes any more, and there’s a good chance that if it were a deadly DVD making the rounds, it would get all scratched up and not work any more.



11. You’ve Got Mail

Plot: Two New Yorkers begin an online courtship through AOL Instant Messenger, but it turns out they’re actually rival bookstore owners.

How Technology Ruined It: Now, no one online dates unless they can see a photo first OR they would have found each other on Facebook.



12. Scream

Plot: A killer is on the loose but before he kills his victims he terrorizes them on the phone first.

How Technology Ruined It: Caller ID, anyone? They even poke fun at this in Scream 2. And let’s not forget that just about everyone screens their calls these days IF they even talk one the phone at all.



13. Serendipity

Plot: Two strangers meet and connect, but vow to only see each other again if “fate” brings them together.

How Technology Ruined It: Screw that, you’d find that person on Facebook and or Google them immediately after meeting.



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