Check Out Tons of Pics From Miley Cyrus’ New Movie, LOL!

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Being dumped, crushing on the wrong guy, getting grounded — Oh, Miley, we’ve totally been there. Hence why we are SO pumped for Miley Cyrus‘ new movie LOL, which actually is short for her character’s name, Lola, and the thing you always say via text. Clever, right? And we’ve got, like, a million pics from the movie of Lola and her hot boyf (played by Douglass Booth), her mom (Demi Moore) and her frenemy turned BFF (Ashley Greene). And once you take a look at ’em, you’ll be like, “OMG, that totally is my life!” Minus the whole jetsetting-to-Paris thing.

So check out our mega gallery of pics below (and then check out the trailer right here!)

LOL is out now! Are you gonna see it? Think Miley and Douglas make a cute on-screen couple?

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