9 Teen Movie Moms Who Were Way Too Young to Parent Their On-Screen Kid

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Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Not sure if you’ve heard, people — but Hollywood can be incredibly sexist. Not ONLY have certain actresses found that they were being paid less than their male co-stars (like Jennifer Lawrence in her Academy Award-nominated film, American Hustle), but a lot of the times young celebrity women are asked to play the romantic other-half of old AF actors… and once they hit a certain age they’re told THEY are “too old” to portray a love interest. Because of this inequality, it means that guys are playing characters a lot younger than they are IRL and gals are playing characters a lot older than they are, which can mean some funky looking parent-child relationships on the screen.

While we can blame sexism for some of these wonky mother-child duos, part of it also just must be that the casting directors DGAF about the genuine age of an actor/actress, they just care about the looks and the star-status that a celeb can bring to a film or television show. We’ve shown you Teen TV moms who are way too young to be the parent to their on-screen kid (and the dad-edition, too!) but it happens all the time in movies, too! Check out the 9 Female Movie Stars Who Had Ridiculously Small Age-Differences with Their Movie Kid.