11 Movie Love Interests Who Are BFFs in Real Life

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Movies are totally magical, so when you believe a film’s on screen romance it’s because the magic is actually working. That being said some movie couples completely hate one another in reality, which is heartbreaking to learn as a fan (we’re looking at you Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams). Luckily, there are LOT of on screen romances that lead to happier results. Seriously, some movie pairs even get married in real life, which is almost too cute to handle.

Despite the fact that film couples turned real-life couples are awesome and the best source of celeb gossip out there, movie love interests turned BFFs are even more adorable. We know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson’s off-screen chemistry? They are freaking hilarious together and they are just one of the best friend pairings that became BFFs while playing lovers. To see who else made the list scroll through the gallery below.