7 Pairs of Movie Co-Stars Explain Why They Never Dated Each Other

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TV shows have proven that guys and girls can be just friends and nothing more. (The best example: Lucas & Haley on One Tree Hill.) But did you know that guys and girls can actually be just friends and nothing more off screen, too?? We know, we know, that’s like… unheard of!

Okay, we joke… but how many times have you seen two actors who work together constantly take their on-screen chemistry and apply it to a real-life relationship? Pairs do it all the time after meeting on the set of a YA movie, like Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart, Jamie Campbell Bower & Lily Collins, Alex Pettyfer & Dianna Agron… They’re not great examples, considering all of those particular twosomes are no longer together, but you get the point; it would seem like a male and a female couldn’t work opposite one another without getting romantically involved, right?

But that’s simply untrue. In fact, there are plenty of pairings that frequently appear in films and remain completely platonic. We hear that about Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson and Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks. None of those specific duos really talk about not dating, but you can assume they never did. And even without them, there are still a bunch. Take all of the following movie co-star pairs — all of ’em actually explain why they never dated, proving that, yes, you can have a guy-girl friendship without ~feelings~: