7 Amazing Movie Couples That Tied the Knot in Real Life

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Whether you’re a rom-com fan, into thrillers or love a good superhero flick, all movie fans and fans of love in general can agree movie couples are the greatest kinds of couples. Scratch that, movie couples who become couples in real life are the greatest pairs of all time. Come on, you have to admit that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum getting together might be the best thing about Step Up, well their relationship and all the killer dance moves are the greatest things about that epic movie!

Over the years there have been some amazing TV couples who tied the knot in real life, but when it comes to movies there are some awesome duos that are actually married that you might have forgotten about. Yes, a lot of married celebs stars in films together at some point in their careers, but star who meet on set, play a couple in a movie and then get married in the real world is pretty rare. To see which of your fave celeb romances started with a fake romance (or romantic storyline), you know what to do.