8 Movie Co-Star Pairs That Hooked Up Off-Screen But Didn’t Have a Relationship

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Movie co-stars get involved in off-screen relationships with each other all the time. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart started dating in between Twilight films, Dom Sherwood & Sarah Hyland began their romance post-Vampire Academy, Jamie Campbell Bower & Lily Collins first hooked up while filming The Mortal Instruments… And those are just celebrity couples that met on the set of YA movies!

But you know what people rarely talk about? Movie co-stars that get involved in flings. Sure, Jennifer Lawrence made headlines when she told the world she hooked up with her hot four-time co-star, Liam Hemsworth, when the cameras weren’t rolling. Soon after, though, that was it; nothing more to talk about because, like… It happened, then it was over. Well, guess what, guys — we wanna talk about it some more, among other film co-star flings: