7 Movie Characters That Were Recast After the Original Actor Passed Away

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Watching movies is a great way to escape into a new world and it’s sometimes difficult to remember that our favorite film characters aren’t actually real. So although there’s almost nothing worse than when a character dies unexpectedly, an actor’s death shakes the entire industry (and the entire world) to the core.

While it sometimes may be necessary to a story line for a character to die, other times there is no choice but to have an on-screen act depart because the actor portraying him or her is no longer with us. There have been tons of movies that were released after a main character passed away thanks to filming taking place before death, but what about all the characters that continued to exist after the OG actor died? We rounded up all the big-screen personas that had to be recast after the first star perished. Check out our gallery below to see if you noticed all the recasts.