12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100 That Mom Will Actually Love

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This is the last weekend before Mother’s Day. You know what that means, right? Oh, just a little bit o’ S-H-O-double P-I-N-G. While the Garry Marshall film of the same name (Mother’s Day) — starring everyone from Shay Mitchell & Britt Robertson to Jennifer Aniston & Julia Roberts — is already in theaters, you’re gonna need to wait until the actual event to watch that with the woman who birthed you (or adopted you, took care of you… whatever the case). For now, your task is to find the perfect gift.

Sure, it can be daunting — like, what can you possibly get the greatest woman in the world that isn’t a boring package of soaps and bath salts that she’ll put in the back of the bathroom closet, only to regift it to someone else later on? — but, as per usual, we’re here to make things a little easier. As we did multiple times during the 2015 holiday season, we’ve prepared a handy gift guide so you can find something your mama will actually love (without breaking the bank). Make sure to send us thanks after your mamadukes showers you with hugs and kisses!