35 Adorable Mother-Daughter Tattoos to Get if Your Mom is Your BFF

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While Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson seem to get new matching tattoos, like, every other day, couples tats aren’t the best idea. Sure, you can be ~in love~ with the person now, but if you end up breaking up then you’re stuck with ink that’ll forever remind you of your ex. AWKWARD!

If you have the urge to get a matching tattoo with someone, however, a great option is a member of your family; ’cause you know what they say — blood is thicker than water. Both celebs and regulars get tats with their siblings all the time and, not gonna lie, these pieces are some of our faves. But what’s a person to do if they’re an only child or not close to their brother/sister? Get a tattoo with the one person who will be connected to them forever — their mom.

Mothers and daughters often have a special bond that can hardly be explained with words. If you’re one of the lucky people who know exactly what we’re talking about, why not get a permanent representation of your connection with the help of body art? Sure, it might take a little convincing, but after seeing these mother-daughter tattoos, even the most conservatives of mamas will consider going under the gun.