8 Subjects of Internet Memes Who Lived Out Your Biggest Dreams

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Hate to break it to you, but while you and your friends were in a fit of laughter over the latest meme blowing up the Internet, the person in the meme was laughing too… straight to the bank!

Over the past several years, many regular, everyday people have encountered overnight superstardom and have become viral Internet sensations. While some have failed to find the humor in their newfound fame — we still can’t believe Demi Lovato didn’t find Poot Lovato hilarious AF — others fully embraced it, welcoming the sudden onslaught of attention and using it to launch them toward a new, more luxurious life!

Yes, you read that correctly. While you were making fun of these people and adding fuel to the wildfire that is the World Wide Web, they were gearing up to sell personalized merchandise, sign television deals and buy fancy, new homes! Who would’ve thought that their complete and utter humiliation would amount to this? And also, where do we sign up?!