12 of the Most Shocking On-Stage Makeouts of All Time

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Celebrity lip locks are SO insane… in a good way, well most of the time in a good way. In 2005 when Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards for The Notebook we were reminded why celebrities who kiss on stage can be so epic. Seriously, when Rachel ran into Ryan’s arms and he picked her up as they kissed, it left us all with our mouths wide open gasping for air. It was totally dreamy.

Sadly, not all on-stage kisses at award shows are this romantic and perfect. In fact there are a LOT of celeb smooches that are really awkward and kind of shocking that we’ve tried to forget about over the years. When Meghan Trainor surprised everyone at the American Music Awards by making out with Charlie Puth in 2015 she reminded us that not all award show kisses are necessary or easy to predict. To see which other award show makeout sessions have shocked fans throughout the years check out our gallery now: