Celeb Battle: Who’s Your Favorite Teen.com Celeb? Justin Bieber or One Direction? FINAL ROUND!

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UPDATE: The Poll has Closed! Click Here to Find Out Who Won!

When we decided to do round 2 of our battle for Favorite Teen.com celeb, we had no idea how intense it was gonna get. Seriously, you guys basically fought each other to the death in the comments section! So now, to keep the momentum going and to see who really reigns as number one, we’ve got the final two going head-to-head for the title. Can you guess the top 2?

It’s Justin Bieber and One Direction! Big Time Rush came in a really close third, but it seems that Directioners and Beliebers reign supreme. But who’s the ultimate of the ultimate fans? Make sure to vote now (it ends next Thursday, April 26 at 12pm ET) for Justin or 1D and make sure to come back next week where we’ll announce the winner! And maybe throw a party for ourselves in the Teen.com office in the winners’ honor. Maybe.

UPDATE: The Poll has Closed! Click Here to Find Out Who Won!

And then just check out their bods. It’s ok to vote based on looks alone. Promise.


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