Celeb Battle: And the Winner Is…

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Oh. Em. Gee. Round 3 of our celebrity battle between Beliebers and Directioners literally shocked us to no end. The amount of votes! And comments! But we’ll get to the specifics in a minute. First, we think it’s about time we announced the winner. This competish has been three weeks in the making, you guys! And now, drumroll please, the celebrity who has the most fans on Teen.com and reigns as the most popular Teen celeb ever is…



Ha! Jk! It’s JUSTIN DREW BIEBER! The Biebs won with 51.78 percent of votes. But Directioners put in an amazing effort, making it super close with 48.22 percent. But if we may chime in here, Beliebers had a bit of an advantage:


He tweeted it! The Biebs himself noticed us! We feel so special now! Freaking out! Fan girl moment!

But ok, we’re done. After 2,439 comments and 102,915 votes, this epic celeb battle is over. And we are sad. But we are currently celebrating in the Teen.com office with a Bieber cake and purple hoodies.

Oh, and for the Directioners who don’t believe Justin won? The proof is riiiight here:


Are you happy Justin won? Or did One Direction deserve it? You know what to do — tell us if you’re happy or sad with the results below!

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