Celeb Battle: Who’s Your Fave Teen.com Celeb? ROUND 2!

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teen-celebrity-battle-most-popularWell, the voting for our biggest celeb battle ever has officially commenced. And not gonna lie, it’s been pretty goshdarn fun for us editors to watch you die-hard fans duke it out for your faves. We got over 400 comments and 27,000 votes, you guys!!! HUGE! But um, we have a surprise for you…

The competish is not over yet! Now we’re going into round 2, with the best of the best still competing for the title. So yes, you Rushers and Beliebers went way hard for round 1, but surprise! There’s more voting to do, people!

So vote AGAIN for your fave among the top 5 and we promise next week we’ll announce one official winner. Voting ends Thursday, April 19 at 12pm ET so go go go!!!

(Oh and PS, Darren Criss came in 6th place. Sorry, Starkids!)

UPDATE: This poll has closed! Make sure to vote for your fave celeb in the final round right here!

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