Celeb Battle: Who’s Your Fave Teen.com Celeb? Vote In This MEGA SIZED Poll!

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most-popular-teen-celebrity-pollNormally our Celeb Battle is where we have 2 celebs, shows, or movies duke it out against each other. But this week things are about to get nasty, you guys. Because since you Teen.com readers clearly have celebs who you love oh-so-much, we wanted to get you talkin’ about them. Who do you heart the absolute most? Who’s the one person (or, in the case of One Direction and Big Time Rush, group of people) who you would freak out if you met? Kill to get a picture with? Stalk on Facebook/Twitter like it’s your job? Ok, you get the point.

So all you gotta do is vote for which of the below you identify as — and send it along to fellow fans to vote, obvs — to figure out who reins as the number one Most Popular Celeb on Teen.com. And that, ladies and gents, is a highly coveted title.

Oh, and we know we forgot a few peeps — Benzaholics, Kardash Dolls, KatyCats, Team Breezy, Little Monsters, Zswaggers, Ariana Army and like, a million more — and we apologize. But we had to be selective here, guys!

Ready, set, vote! Oh, and tell us who you picked and why in the comments!!!

UPDATE: This poll has closed! Make sure to vote for your fave celeb in the final round right here!

Vote in the Battle of Twilight vs. The Hunger Games!