9 TV Shows That Nobody Wants to Admit are Overrated

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We’ve all been there: Your friends are fawning over their favorite episodes of some old TV show, and you’re sitting there like, “Am I the only one who thought this show really wasn’t all that great?”

Honestly, I think we’re a lot more willing to accept varying opinions on something like music preferences, but when it comes to TV shows, we’re all expected to be on the same page about a certain show’s brilliance, hilarity or legacy. For some reason, we’re all supposed to think that humor or drama is a little more universal in its appeal. But some shows that people have declared to the best shows ever are overrated or, frankly, just straight up not that great.

Check out this list of nine overrated old TV shows that received a lot of undeserved hype. NOTE: I’m not saying these shows are bad — I love a few of them to death. But… let’s be real here.

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