15 Most Inclusive Makeup Brands That’ll Make You Feel Beautiful

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Most Inclusive Makeup Brands

Fenty Beauty

Considering the fact that it’s 2018, you would think that all beauty brands would be on the same page when it comes to the importance of creating products that promote inclusivity. However, some makeup brands seem to have not gotten the memo and are still only offering their customers a limited amount of shades, failing to provide an array of darker shades to their darker-skinned customers.

Most recently, Tarte Cosmetics came under fire for failing to provide an adequate amount of shades in their foundation line. In fact, it appears that the company’s new Shape Tape foundation offers only two shades that could be considered a match for people of color. All of the other shades that were shown are clearly intended for the brand’s white customers, with many colors that probably could’ve been left out of the collection because they’re all so similar.

Of course, there’s no excuse for such an apparent lack of inclusivity in any beauty brand on the market today, and honestly, Tarte’s latest misstep has us wondering how the higher-ups at the company gave this new foundation the green light at all. But, even though Tarte failed in making its new products as diverse as they should be, there are tons of other brands on the market that continuously make diversifying their makeup lines their top priority. Check ’em out: